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Owner Surrender Process for Four Paws Elkhound Rescue


To surrender a dog is never easy.  Whatever the reason you have reached this decision and feel it is in the best interest of you and your family and your dog.  We do not judge you.  We listen, try to understand, and focus on finding a good home for your dog.  

1.  The first step in the process is to make the decision to give up your dog.  We will talk to you to see if there are any alternatives or other ways to keep the dog with you.  After all you've been his family and he loves you.  

2.  We will ask you for basic information such as medical history, behavior issues, where does your dog sleep, does he have a yard, leash walking, training, good with other dogs/cats/kids.  This will help us find a family with a similar home so that your dog will feel more comfortable and secure and will have an easier transition.  


3.  We require an owner surrender form to be signed.  This relinquishes your rights to the dog.  The dog stays with you until we find another home.  Then you are not responsible for anything that happens once he leaves your home.  Once he is adopted if something happens he must be returned to Four Paws.  This protects you and your dog.

4. We will start the process of looking for a family that will meet your dogs needs.  We review our current adoption applications, post to social medial and our website.  None of your information is on there.  We put up a general post.  When we find a family we feel is a good match, then we go over details of the dog’s situation.   We will keep you updated on our progress and ask any questions the prospective family may have.

5.  When we find the best match, we will contact you.  If they are close enough we will arrange a meet and greet.  If they are not, we will arrange safe transport for your dog.  If your dog’s new home is out of state, they will require a health certificate and a current rabies vaccine.  A health certificate can be obtained from your vet. 

6.  If you would like you can stay in touch with the new owners as long as both parties agree.  If not we can provide you with updates.  

7.   You have the best interest of your dog at heart.  Things have a way of working out for the best.  

This is the link to the owner surrender form:

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