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Welcome to Four Paws Elkhound Rescue

A Norwegian Elkhound and Snow Dog Rescue

Congratulations on taking the step to do a Meet and Greet with a dog that needs a home!
Please complete the form below.   It is online with nothing to print out.   Let us know when it's completed.   

Next we will arrange the best day and time for you and the family that owns the rescue dog to meet.   We will find a meeting place that is acceptable to both of you.   We can meet at the owners home, a local park or restaurant.

During your meet and greet be mindful of greeting the rescue dog properly.   Go slow and easy letting the dog get to know you.   If you're brining your dog to the meet and greet, make sure proper introductions are done.   We want the whole process to be a positive experience for everyone.   Let us know how it goes.   Hopefully you've found your next family member!


Adoption Application
Does your yard have a fence?
Are you the only person living in the house?
Are there any animals currently living in your home?
Would you agree to a home visit prior to your adopting a Four Paws dog?
Do you prefer:

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is true and complete.  I recognize that any misrepresentation of that information will result in my losing the privilege of fostering or rescuing a dog from Four Paws.  I understand that Four Paws has the right to deny my request to foster or adopt a dog, and I authorize checking all information provided in this application.

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Four Paws Elkhound Rescue

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White Oak, PA 15131


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