Thor is a 5 month old male elkhound puppy looking for a home in MN.

Hi. My name is Thor. I'm 5 months old. I am playful and love to have a good time. I'm a purebred Norwegian Elkhound.

I live with my sister who is calm and mellow. I, on the other hand, get all excited and want to run and jump. I have lots of energy. I am a bit much for my dog mom. She wants me to find a home where I have someone that is able to take the time to teach me better manners. I am smart and a fast learner.

I need a buddy to play with and a family that understands I will need some patience and love of my own. I want my food all to myself, so I'll be working on sharing. Not my favorite subject. That would be "Is that toy for me?".

Thor is in Minnesota. My breeder gives permission for me to be rehomed.

(412) 423-6067
White Oak, PA 15131