UPDATE: Sapphire is in a foster home! She is safe. While she’s in her foster home, she will be evaluated for any behavior concerns or medical issues. She’s a bit overweight. She had to be picked up to be put in the car. She gets along with other dogs and is a real sweetie. Will post pics when she has her bath and her brushing.

URGENT! Sapphire needs a home

Sapphire is a young female Norwegian Elkhound. She was found as a stray. She is very friendly and loves to be around people. She gets excited when she sees the cat. She seems happy to see other dogs.

The family that found her said she wandered up on their porch. They were worried about her being out in the heat, so they took her in. She had a dog license on her from last year on her. They called animal control and tracked down the owner. When they got to his address, it was an abandoned trailer. The neighbors don’t know where the owner went.

The family is leaving on vacation tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon and cannot take her with them. They don’t want to have to call animal control to come and get her. Sapphire needs a home fast. She is located in the Akron Ohio area

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