The owner was replacing Quetzal with a new, younger dog. Quetzal has been in the same home since he was rescued when he was two. He is now ten.

He had a good life, run of the house and a big fenced yard. Then the other dog came along and he didn't like her. She was taking over his place. She was younger, more mellow, and Quetzal was no longer wanted. They had several fights and they were physically separated at all times. Quetzal needed to be in a single dog family with responsible adults and possibly older children. He needed a place to run and play.  

We were contacted by a rescue persson about Quetzal.  Since he was part Norwegian Elkhound, they wanted to work with an Elkhound rescue.  Quetzal's owner gave 24 hours to find a home for him or she was taking him to a shelter where because of his age and not getting along with other dogs, he didn't have much of a chance.  

The owner drove 6 hours with Quetzal in a cage in the back of her car.  She cared enough about him to make sure he was safe.  Quetzal spent the whole time she was getting paperwork out of her car jumping back into the car and going into his cage to go back home.  When she drove off, he watched her car go and kept looking for her.  He didn't understand.  

Because of the short time constraint, we worked with a local rescue to help find a home for Quetzal.  The local rescue found Quetzal a fantastic home where the family wasn't prejudiced about his age.  They loved him for who he was.  They also had another dog who became best friends with Quetzal.  Who knows what really happened in his previous home.  All we know now is Quetzal is a happy, loved dog.