We are in the process of locating a building and land for our Elkhound Rescue.  We plan to rescue Norwegian Elkhounds and bring them to our rescue so they are safe and secure.  

We will have a veterinarian to take care of their medical needs.  A dog trainer will teach them better manners so they can acclimate to their new families easier.  Plenty of running space and exercise in the fresh air will help heal their bodies as well as their souls.  

The drawing is a rough idea of the layout we are looking for.  The rescue will be accessed thru the parking lot.   From there we will meet future families who can meet and greet the Norwegian Elkhounds.  They have a fenced in area they can play with future families and any other dogs they may have.  

The elkhounds will be housed in a large barn or building that has living quarters in it.  The large dog play area will be accessed thru the back of the building.  Food and suppplies will be stored in this building.

Contributions and donations will help us make this dream come true.  We can all continue, "Saving Elkhounds, Four Paws at a Time" with a physical location making all the difference.