Ogie is from slap shot, he is Ogie Oglethorpe. Hockey player. Caiman is after the Alligator. The spectacled Caiman.
Which one should I choose?Which one should I choose?
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Lola enjoying her mug in the sunshineLola enjoying her mug in the sunshine
Tastes yummy to me!Tastes yummy to me!
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The Daneen pottery mugs for Four Paws Elkhound Rescue come in four colors and two styles.  

Junior Executive style - chocolate with coral white and black with red drizzle
Footed style - black with cinnamon white and midnight blue with hunter green

Daneen Pottery is a family owned company that has been creating mugs since 1972.  The mugs are hand thrown on a potter wheel.  Each piece is unique with no two mugs being the same.   They are one of a kind.  

All mugs are kiln fired over 2100 degrees F.   Each mug is freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.  Click on the mug of your choice.  

Click on the image of your choice below.