How does a Norwegian Elkhound rescue work?  

A rescue can come in many forms.  Some rescues are because an owner died or is ill and can no longer take care of the dog.  Some rescues are necessary to get the Norwegian Elkhound out of danger.  Elkhounds are left out in the heat, rain and without shelter.  They are ignored and neglected of human touch.  They are locked in basements or cages aka "crates"   They are given shock collars, prong collars or tethered tightly.  They are not given enough food or water and barefly survive.  Some end up  with cysts or infections left untreated.

Norwegian Elkhounds are stubbon and persistent.  They were born to hunt.  They get bored easily.  They can roll over to get a belly rub and the next minute nip your hand a little tooo hard.  Just when you figure out what their routine is, they change it and get into something new.  They are like having a very savvy two year old.  

When a Norwegian Elkhound needs rescued, they have lost what they have known.  They have been cast off and all of a sudden unloved.  They do not understand why their happy life suddenly got ruined.  Many times thru no fault of their own they are cast off and locked up.  For a dog that naturally hunts and chases out in the open, this repression is devastating.

When you get a rescue Norwegian Elkhound, be prepared to be tested.  They have nothing left to lose.  They have lost it all already.  Be prepared to have your life turned upside down for awhile.  You both neeed time to adjust to your new lives together.  Thru trial and error and sheer persistence, you will find a way to make it work.  Your elkhound wants it to work.  He or she just doesn't know how.  

Lots of hugs and love help.  Sometimes giving them their own space changes everything.  They are loners in one respect and family members in another.  Be patient and kind.  they have been thru a lot.  Reach out to your family and friends but unless they understand elkhounds, don't expect too much.  Be careful with visitors.  Your elkhound doesn't know how to trust yet.  He will eventuallly trust again but it will take time.  

Whatever you do, keep going forward.  Take it one day at a time.  One step at a time.  Each small victory whether it is your elkhound giving you his paw or him letting you pet him for a new minutes more is a step forward.  Compare his small achievements each day to his own achievements not your expectations.  Remember you are now a family.  Love each other the best you know how.  Life is short.  Make the most of it.