Marketing Procedure


Advertising is done thru the website, social media posts such as facebook, Instagram and twitter, events for our rescue as well as other rescues and community happenings, merchandise, youtube and blog postings.

Website advertising is accomplished thru brand messaging.  Logo, slogan, pictures, links, and internet searches.

Social media post advertising provides an opportunity to reach a larger, more diverse audience.  Posts contain brand messaging.  Sharing of posts, links and information is encouraged by asking in the post and by sharing initially. 

Fundraising software allows email and text blasts which include logos, slogans, pictures, links and brand messaging.  Fundraising products allow customers to remember the brand in the comfort of their own homes. 

Public relations is maintained thru positive image, consistent and accurate messages, ensuring viral posts reflect a good image, and teaching followers useful messages.

Customer support is completed thru emails, phone calls, facebook messages, messenger, and comments, letters and text messages.  Ensuring that the customer gets what they need and are satisfied with the experience is important.  Surveys are periodically sent out to gauge customer satisfaction.

Community involvement is accomplished thru attending events in the community, supporting local businesses, and advertising this involvement on social media and the website.

Market research happens when searching for new rescue dogs, contacting other rescues, feedback from followers and customers.