Congratulations on your decision to adopt a rescue dog!

What does your rescue dog need the most?   Commitment.  

We match all of our dogs to the family that we think will work best for the dog.  When we contact you and ask you if you wan to adopt the rescue dog, be prepared to have the dog become part of your family.  If we can arrange a meeting with your potential rescue dog, we will certainly do that.  

Many of our dogs are in danger and in bad situations that are not their fault.  They need rescued quickly.  We are a foster network and cannot always provide a meeting place for you and your potential new rescue dog.  Often there is no time left for the dog to do this.

Remember the process of adopting a dog can move fairly quickly depending on the dog's circumstances.  Once your adoption is approved, be prepared with good quality food, fresh water, toys, chewing items, leash, collar,, and comfy bed.  In most instances your dog will need to visit the vet for a checkup.  

Patience, patience, patience.  Your dog may not have been housebroken, may not know manners or not been loved in a long time.  Be prepared to spend extra time with your new family member.  It takes time for you to adjust to one dog.  Your dog has to adjust to a new house, new rules and a brand new family.  Imagine all the changes your dog is going thru.  

Your dog is in rescue for a reason.  We may not agree to the circumstances that happened.  Now is the time to change your dog's life for the better.  You deserve to be happy as a family.  Let's make this work together.  



Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions