Helping a rescue dog is a challenging and rewarding humanitarian act.  We rescue Norwegian Elkhounds from kill shelters, abusive homes, craigslist, puppy mills, auctions, and inhumane conditions.  Rescues usually happen very fast to make sure the dog is taken out of the bad situation right away.

How can you help?  Every dog needs a home.  Most rescue dogs have been locked in cages, left outside by themselves or put in basements.  They haven't had a chance to be part of a loving family.  Their dream is to lay next to you on the couch while you rub their belly or snuggle next to you on a cold winter's night.  They want love.

You can help by bringing a rescue dog into your home.   When you do you have saved a dog's life.  Imagine living life in a cage or outside in the cold.  You would lose hope.  Your inner spark would dwindle.

When youu adopt a dog, Four Paws supports you.  Rescue dogs are not easy.  They have come from places where they thought every meal was their last.  When they growl or protect their food, keep that in mind.  They are scared they will starve.

When your rescue dog has an accident in the house, remember they may never have been inside a house.  Be patient and kind and train them.  They want to please you.  They just don't know how.

Understand that rescuing and taking care of dogs costs money.  Dogs require veterinarian visits, good quality food, fresh water, supplies such as leashes, collars, and dog dishes, toys, chew bones, and treats.  When we rescue a dog, we have shelter costs, vet fees for updated shots, health certificates, and medications.  Transportation fees include gas for vehicles doing transport and highway tolls.  

We try to keep our adoption fees to a minimum to cover the dogs actual expenses.  Our goal is to move on and rescue the next dog.  We know you will also have vet costs, food, toys and supplies.  We know you will do your best for your new family member.  

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please click on the picture at the top of the page.  You can help us continue "Saving Elkhounds, Four Paws at a Time."