Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Adopter hereby acknowledges that they have read all of this Contract supplied by Four Paws.  This Contract is governed by the State of Pennsylvania.




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This foster agreement is made on the date listed above by and between Four Paws Elkhound Rescue (hereinafter "Four Paws" and "Foster" residing at the address listed above.  Foster agrees to keep Four Paws current on any address or phone number changes.  The parties hereby agree to the following:

1.  Care of Pet
a.  Foster shall accept and consider the Pet as a household companion not as an outside Pet and will provide the Pet with a safe environment, humane treatment and provide proper food, fresh water, shelter and exercise.  Foster agrees this Pet will not be abused in any manner.  The Pet will not be chained at any time nor will it be permitted off the property of the Foster unless accompanied by a mature individual.  Pet shall not be used in any aspect of animal fighting.  Pet shall not be the subject of or subjected to any biological, chemical, psychological or other experiment.
b.  Pet shall be allowed to sleep indoors and protected from the elements or adverse conditions.  Pet shall not be housed outdoors.  The Pet shall not be allowed to roam free unless within a. Fenced yard or unsupervised outside.
C.  Foster shall immediately notify Four Paws if Pet is lost or stolen, and shall make every reasonable effort to recover Pet.
d.  Foster shall not give up or sell the Pet to another person, relative, friend or any other individual or rescue group, humane association, shelter, or adoption center unless preapproved by Four Paws.
e.  Foster shall not under any circumstance give up or sell the Pet for any medical or experimental laboratory or any organization.
f.  Foster shalll not alter the Pet's appearance in any way, shape or form (ex. Cropping, docking).
g.  Foster permits Four Paws to visit at reasonable convenient times to check on the well-being of the Pet.
h.  Foster is responsible to obtain a yearly Pet license for Pet as mandated by state laws.

2.  Vet Appointments
a.  Foster is responsible for all medical care for Pet including keeping shots current, preventative medicines such as for fleas or ticks, wellness checks, any necessary surgeries, or any other medically necessary care to keep Pet healthy.
b.  Foster shall immediately notify Adoption Coordinator in the event of Pet's injury, illness or death.

3.  Food and Supplies
a.  Foster is responsible to supply all food, fresh water, toys, bedding, leashes, collars, and any other supply necessary for Pet's well-being and comfort.

4.  Events and Promotion
a.  With Foster's permission Four Paws can have Pet attend events and promotions for Four Paws to help additional rescue Pets.
b.  Four Paws has permission to use videos and photos of Pet for marketing, promotions and advertising.

5.  Adoption
a.  Foster agrees to care for Pet for the Pet's entire life including healthy times as well as illness and injury.  If Foster decides at any time to forego the best interest of the Pet and relinquish responsibility, Foster must notify Four Paws immediately.  

6.  Release of Liability
a.  Four Paws makes no guarantees and/or promise regarding the Pet's disposition, temperament, and/or future health and personality.
b.  Foster agrees to Adopt Pet at Foster's own risk and indemnify and release Four Paws, its founder, board of directors and volunteers of any and all liability arising from damage to persons or property caused by the Pet.
c.  In the Event the Foster does not comply with the terms of this Contract, if the Pet is in danger, abused or neglected, at the reasonable discretion of Four Paws, Fo