Elky is a 9 month old male Elkhound mix looking for a home in KY.

Elky needs a home!

Elky is a 9 month old Norwegian Elkhound mix. He was left at the shelter because he was chasing the chickens. He is good with other dogs. Elky is very friendly and is a tail wagger.

Do you want to know the sad part? The shelter thinks Elky has a broken leg. The owner claimed it was healing but did not get Elky any medical treatment. Elky is in a lot pain. Elky needs a foster or adopter so he can get out of the shelter and get to the vet. Elky is located in Kentucky.

UPDATE: Elky does not need surgery for his leg! He has a fracture that is healing on its own. He is in some pain and it is inflamed so they are giving him meds. They think with the meds, he will continue to improve without surgery. He is set for a neuter on Monday. Then he’s ready to get out of the shelter and to a home. Are you his forever home?

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