Four Paws Elkhound Rescue wishes to thank our donors.  Your generosity helps us continue “Saving Elkhounds, Four Paws at a Time.”
Thank you for supporting Four Paws Elkhound Rescue.  Your donation really makes a difference in helping save the lives of the breed we love, the Norwegian Elkhound.    

Your generosity helps with vet costs.  Some dogs we rescue have never been to a vet.  They could have been kept outside where they got worms and no one noticed.  All our dogs get spayed and neutered and brought up to date on shots.  If they are sick, we do everything we can to make them well again.

Transportation to safety includes offering gas money to volunteers who help on long transports,  Buying leashes, collars and harnesses so each dog can be walked and kept safe on their journey.  Snacks and water are important.  Some dogs have been given the bare minimum and they are close to starvation.

Fostering a dog is vital if they are unhealthy or mistrustful.  If our dogs have been isolated and are afraid of humans or abused and neglected, we give them some time to adjust to the human world again.  Our foster families teach them to not be so afraid and that there are good, loving humans out there.  If they are sick our foster families take them to the vet and give them the care needed to bring them back to health.   

There are many places your generous donation can help.  We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to ensure the Norwegian Elkhound breed continues for generations to come.  Thank you for helping us continue, “Saving Elkhounds, Four Paws at a Time.” 

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