Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These are the current Norwegian Elkhounds/mixes that need homes.  They are listed by state.  In most cases we have contacted the place where the dog is located.  Any additional information has been added here.  

No dog is guaranteed to be the perfect pet.  All of these boys and girls have had their lives turned upside down thru no fault of their own.  They've had families that whether it was due to moving, divorce, or neglect just gave up on them.  They've ended up in rescue because they need a home. Some of them are stuck in cages almost 24 hours a day in overcrowded places with very little time left.  

Go thru their listings.  We try to find a home as close to the dog's location as possible so they don't have so much trauma when they are traveling.  Sometimes if it works out better for the dog, they travel a distance to a great home.  

Please remember when you adopt, these dog's lives are in your hands.  You are taking them home to be part of your family forever.  Be prepared to be patient and kind and patient some more.  It will take time for you to adjust to them and for them to trust again.  

When you are ready to save a life, click on the picture of your choice.  Please make sure before you contact us, you have filled out our preadoption questionaire.  It is simple and only takes a few minutes.  It is under the "adopt" tab and click the picture o the right.  This helps us understand which dog will best in your family.  

Be prepared with a bed for the dog to sleep in, good quality food, fresh water, toys and activities to keep your new family member busy, and leash/collar or harness for walks, fun time and lots of belly rubs. 

We will help you in any way we can with your new dog.  We have lots of support with behavior issues, vet questions, health concerns, nutrition and exercise.  We want you and your family to love your new dog and your new dog to love you.