Chewy needs a home! He was caught up in the middle of a divorce. His human daddy wasn't able to keep him. His human mommy said she was going to surrender him to a shelter.

That didn't happen. He was found wandering the streets by the dog catcher. He got lucky and a local shelter pulled him. We are working together with Chewy's shelter.

Four Paws Elkhound Rescue drove to get Chewy out of the shelter and bring him to his new home.  His family had a large german shepard that stayed with them during the day.  The family introduced Chewy to the german shepard.   They didn't like each other at first.  They were both being territorial.  The shepard was so much bigger than Chewy.  The family took their time and within a half hour they were getting along great.  I've never seen a better introduction of two dogs.  They are now best friends.