Banjo was originally rescued when she was six months old from a farm.  She lived outside during the day and in the barn at night.  She had never been in a house.   Her new owner worked hard with her on potty training, playing nicely and manners.  She became a great companion.  Her new owner travelled for work.  Banjo went everywhere with her.  They were a team. 
Then one day Banjo's owner couldn't take her to work.  Banjo stayed home and waited.  And waited.  The next time Banjo saw her owner was when she was brought home from the hospital in a wheelchair.  Things were never the same again.  
Banjo's owner had been in a serious accident.  She might never walk again.  All of the good times riding, walking and playing together were over.  Banjo was afraid.  She didn't understand why her owner didn't get up from the chair or why she needed help getting out of the bed.  They were always going places together.
Gradually Banjo's owner was able to move a little more on her own.  She can't walk Banjo anymore and they don't go for rides.  She continues to cook Banjo's meals and sometimes can throw the ball for her.  She cannot keep Banjo because every time she tries to take Banjo out or moves with her, she ends up falling and getting hurt and has to go to the hospital.   Her doctors recommended that she find Banjo another home.  It was very sad.  

Banjo's owner cooked her food for her to prevent allergies, fleas, ticks and sickness.  She is very healthy.  When it was time to go to her new home, her owner packed all her belongings including two weeks worth of food, her blankets and her favorite toys.  She wrote a letter including everything she knew about Banjo including her habits and her mannerisms.  

Her new owner is continuing to cook the special meals Banjo is used to.  He had a much easier transition because he was well prepared.  Banjo has two new friends to play with.  She was very skittish at first when she got to her new home.  She has gradually been getting used to the new place that is now her home.  She is starting the next phase of her life.