Alexa, a one year old Norwegian Elkhound, was listed on Craigslist.  When the owner was called, he said he was going thru a divorce.  He was now by himself and he worked over the road.  The female owner did not want Alexa.  She didn't fit into her new lifestyle.  

Alexa was locked much of her time in a cage.  She didn't have a chance to run and play in the sunshine.  She was spending her days looking thru the metal bars.  

As we talked to the owner further, we found out Alexa is Nikita's cousin.  This was even more incentive to help her.  We looked for a family that lived close to Alexa.  This way she would have less trauma traveling a lesser distance.  We found a family that wanted Alexa.   We facilitated the agreement between them.  The family travelled to the owner's house and picked her up.  They took her home with them, and she is now with a super family.  They have a large, fenced yard.  She runs thru the grass, gets belly rubs and is loved.

Not every rescue is about a dog in danger or a dog living in filthy conditions.   A family can have a bad turn of events and they need some help.  Locking a dog in a cage isn't the most humane way of dealing with a situation, but looking for another family for the pet they loved once, is a step in the right direction.  It's so hard not to judge.   Sometimes it's better just to focus on the rescue.