The adoption process consists of the steps necessary to adopt a dog from Four Paws Elkhound Rescue.

Contact - Information - Meeting - Paperwork - Home - Updates - Adoption Counselor - Training - Patience

1.  Four Paws has contacted you about a dog that needs a home.
2.  As much information as is available is given to you regarding the rescue dog.  Questions such as health status, behavior issues, rescue history, and time constraints are gone over.
3.  If the rescue dog is close enough in distance, a meeting is set up.  It can be between you and another rescue, shelter, or owner.  If the dog is too far and transport help is required, you will be meeting your rescue dog either at a meeting place or at your home.
4.  Before the dog is released to your custody, adoption paperwork must be completed.  This consists of an Adoption Form which specifies all of the rules necessary to keep your rescue dog and you safe.  An adoption fee is paid.  We charge a $200 adoption fee on all adoptions.  If there are extraordinary circumstances such as a long distance transport, the fee increases.  This ensures the adopter is serious and to help continue rescuing dogs.  Vets, transportation, and supplies are expensive.  If spaying or neutering is required or extra medical care (case by case basis), $100 of the adoption fee is paid to the vet for the procedure.  
5.  After all paperwork is completed, the rescue dog goes home with you.  Be prepared with food, water, leash/harness, toys, bones, sleeping area, and blocked area for unsupervised times.  Safety is the number one priority for our rescue dogs along with love, comfort, routine and training.
6.  Send pictures and updates of your rescue dog to give Four Paws an update.  We care about our dogs and want to make sure they are doing well. 
7.  A Four Paws adoption counselor will be in touch with you to make sure everything is going well with your rescue dog.  Ask any questions and voice any concerns.  This way any situations can be handled so they don't get out of control.  
8.  Spend the time and effort in the beginning with your rescue dog.  This will benefit both you and your dog for the times to come.  Training for simple commands such as sit, nicely taking snacks, and leash walking are very important.  This will show your dog you care and also that you believe they are intelligent.  Everyone wants to feel they are valuable.  
9.  Above all - patience.  Your rescue dog may have been hit, starved, out in the cold, locked in a basement, never been hugged.  You are the best person that's ever been in his life and he's scared and doesn't know how to handle all of these good things.  Teach him to be kind and gentle.  Teach him to love and he will trust you and love you.  

Here is the link to the Adoption Form: