The most important attribute of an adopter is commitment.  When a family commits to the dog, they are ready to take on the challenges associated with a rescue dog.  When they commit, they find a way to make it work.  

If an adopter calls or replies that they are interested in a rescue dog, read the response.   Questions about adoption cost, is the dog good with cats or children are indicators the family may be better to meet the dog in person or are not ready to adopt.

Responses that include I want the dog indicate the family is serious about rescuing the dog.  Further information is obtained thru messages.  Questions such as do you have fenced yard, other dogs and the time are crucial.   The adopter is then asked to fill out the adoption form.   This allows the rescue to review the answers and compare them to the message responses.   Once received the application is reviewed for closeness in distance to the dog.  Is the dog a major escape artist?  Then a fenced yard would be important. 

See adoption application