Four Paws Elkhound Rescue is a nonprofit 501c(3) network kennel dog rescue.  Four Paws  was created out of the need for a breed specific rescue for Norwegian Elkhounds] .  The organization serves the owners, breeders, rescues, shelters, adopters, fosters, networkers, vets, and businesses in the local, national and international communities.  This group has in common the Norwegian Elkhound.  To date 73 Elkhounds have been rescued and relocated to the homes of 70 people in 24 states and 2 countries.
Four Paws Elkhound Rescue was created out of the need for a breed specific rescue for Norwegian Elkhounds .  Norwegian Elkhounds are abused, neglected and abandoned every day.  Their instinctive guarding behavior is perceived as a threat.  Their standoffishness is taken as uncaring.  When their teeth latch onto an arm to play, people are afraid.  When they are misunderstood, they become in danger.

The social problem that creates the necessity for Four Paws Elkhound Rescue is the need for education.  People show aggressive behavior toward an already domineering dog.  Norwegian Elkhounds are bred to hunt moose, elk and bear.  They are very tough and their instinct is to take charge to stay alive.  When these dogs are left chained outside with barely enough food and water to survive.   They have very little human contact.  They become scared of humans and guard their food.  This behavior is misconstrued as being mean.  If the shelter, rescue or owner is not familiar with the breed, these dogs are in danger of being euthanized. 

Four Paws Elkhound Rescue is funded by donations, fundraising, events and sponsors.  Support is needed for veterinary costs so the Elkhounds can be healthy and have treatment options.  Minor medical issues such as wellness exams and vaccinations to more complex ones like heartworm treatment and hip replacements are needed.   The gift of money is spent for healthy dogs thru vet visits, behavior assessments and training.

To make a gift go to   A check or money order can be sent to Four Paws Elkhound Rescue, 1985 Lincoln Way, Suite 23164, White Oak, PA 15131.   Thank]  you for helping us continue “Saving Elkhounds, Four Paws at a Time.”