After going to the door 5 times, you would think I would be trained by now to open up the door on command.  Aka he scratches, I go to door, he sits and stares.
The True Innocents

The True Innocents

The Norwegian Elkhound in the photo was rescued from a SPCA.  The quote s from an article by Nathan J Winogard.   He travelled from 2004-2010 to shelters across the country.  "It is time to take our shelters back. It is time to regulate them to ensure that not only are animals no longer needlessly killed at these facilities, but that they are also treated with compassion and decency. We have the right to expect that our shelters reflect our humane values."
It is seven years later.  We have more regulations and inspections.  In some places dogs are treated better than they were  Or are they?  Many dogs spend their entire lives locked in cages.  Yes they are fed, safe, and have vet care.  But they spend their entire lives a prisoner of our society.  
Many of these innocents are the victims of families who had a lot of pathetic excuses.  "We repainted and the dog didn't match the new paint scheme."  "We got the dog as a puppy and she was my husband's dog.  He died and I don't care about the dog.  She's lucky she gets fed, let alone taken out of the basement."  "The dog is a nuisance.  All he wants to do is play.  I don't have time for that."
Our dog shelters reflect our human values.  So is all we value what we look like to society, mind numbing entertainment, and our own selfish agenda?  Dogs breathe life into us life thru their "I'm never growing up; I'm having too much fun" attitude.  They reflect every kindness and loving gesture given to them.  
How can we let these kindred spirits rot away in a prison cell?  What does that say about us as human beings?  To all those who rescue, volunteer, love these dogs, we thank you.  You know who you are.  To the rest  it's time to get with the best of the human population instead of living in the dirt.
Before You Give Up Your Dog

Before You Give Up Your Dog

It sure is quiet in here.  Let me see where everyone is.  Hey I know you.  You're pink, fluffy teddy.  You have the cutest eyes.  They taste good too.  The sound of ripping and insides flying everywhere is my favorite past time.
What do you mean that was the last straw?  I was only having fun.  Nobody was playing with me.  I was bored.  
I love the smell of French fries inside a car.  My tail's wagging.  It's gotta be the park this time.  Hey wait a minute.  This looks like the vets.  Doesn't smell like it though.  What is that awful stench?  Someone needs a bath.
Hey who are you?  Are you going to play with me?  Okay I'll go in there.  Looks kind of creepy.  Hey, open the door.  I don't like this.  I just want to play.  Where's my family?  I promise I'll be good.  Someone save me.  I'm scared.  So scared and lonely.  Please help me.