We rescued Ryka from an Indiana shelter.  She did not have much time left.  She had a chance to be adopted but she was too scared and timid.  She was brought in as a stray. She recently had puppies but there is no history on them. It looks like she was a breeder dog. 
 When she was picked up from the shelter, she was very scared and shaking.  After being petted and reassured  she calmed down and started to trust again.  
It was a long journey for her.  We stopped many times on the way to her new home.  She loved the ride and the fresh air blowing through her fur.  She was a great companion. 
When her new family first met her they went right up to her and gave her a big hug.  She knew she was home   

She went to the vets for an exam.  She had two types of worms and an infection.  After she was treated for these, she went in to get spayed.  The doctor found a lot of damage inside from breeding.  She started bleeding.  They weren't sure if she was going to make it.

She was sent home and couldn't move around for several days.  The bleeding finally stopped.  She recovered very well and is wagging her tail again.  She loves her cat friends and her Elkhound buddy Odin.  She is a great companion to the whole family.  

We received sad news about Ryka (now Freya)   She became ill.  Her family took her to the vet and they did everything possible for her.  She passed away with her family by her side.   Run free, sweet Ryka.