Rufus's Story

The first we heard of Rufus needing a new home was reading a Craig’s List ad.  Craig’s list can be a great place to find what you need.  It can also be pretty scary especially for a dog.  
Dogs can end up in fighting rings, puppy mills, and abusive homes.  We are trying to protect innocent dogs from the dangers of bad people taking them.

We called the ad and talked to Rufus’ owner.  The family originally rescued him from a cattle farm when he was four months old.  He was living outside with the cattle and not socialized.  The family worked hard with him to calm him and nurture him.  

Now the families work schedule had changed.  They worked longer hours.  Having four small children and an energetic dog was too much to handle.   They could no longer take the time to care for Rufus like he needed.  He spent a lot of time outside by himself and in his cage.

We set up a day to pick him up.  In the meantime we found a foster family close by to care for him.  We were leaving at 4 the next morning.  At 11 that night the family called to say they needed another week to say goodbye.  The following week we left at 4 a.m. and drove 2 ½ to get him.  Our initial meeting with him was us sitting on the couch in the families home and him barking and snapping at us.  

The owner said to throw treats at him and he would calm down.  Thankfully he did after only a few nibbles.  Our next challenge was to get him in our truck.  After a brief walk the owner helped us get him in.  We were on our way.

It was like a different dog took his place.  Rufus was so calm on the ride.  We took him out many times during the ride to stretch and because he was carsick.  He didn’t wag his tail for the first hour.  After that he was less scared and started to trust us.  

His family is amazing.  He adores his new dog companion.  They chase each other and play ball. .  His adopted mom is very patient and kind to him.  He loves being part of a family that has the time and hugs for him that he needs.  When he gets to know you, he trusts you.  Until you earn his trust, he is guarded.  He does not like strangers.  

Be patient, loving and kind to your rescue dog.  You don’t always know their true story.