These are our rescues.  Some were successful.  Some were not.  We wanted to tell their stories here s.  

We work with owners, other rescues, and social media contacts to do the best we can for each dog.  We are a moderator, referee, and a ray of hope.  

Our best interest is for each and every elkhound that needs our help.  We hold each one in our hearts.  They touch our lives as much as we touch there's.  We meet so many interesting people and elkhounds.  We are thankful every day for the opportunity to make a difference.


ASPENASPENAspen spent 9 months in a rescue. Find out more by clicking his picture. GINGERGINGERGinger was locked in a basement. Click to learn more.
ANDY AND BRANDYANDY AND BRANDYAndy and Brandy were in a kennel. Click to find out more
ALEXAALEXAAlexa was in the middle of a divorce situation. Click to read her story. TONKATONKATonka ended up in a Humane Society. Click to see his journey. QUETZALQUETZALQuetzal was given up for a younger dog. Click to see how his story goes.
KIRAKIRAKira the puppy was rescued from a Craigs list ad. Click to read her story. RUFUSRUFUSRufus was rescued from a Craig's list ad. Click to learn his story. BUTTERCUPBUTTERCUPButtercup was rescued from a Georgia kill shelter. Click to read her story.
KOBEKOBEKobe was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia. Click on his picture to learn more.