This is Nikita our Norwegian Elkhound.  This is a picture of her at our pond beneath the waterfall.  This is one of her favorite places. She is our mascot and the center dog picture of our logo.  We are very proud of her "can do" attitude.  If she wants it, she will find a way.  

Welcome to Four Paws Elkhound Rescue.  This is our story.

We have two Norwegian Elkhounds, Nikita and Dalaran.  They have shown us how stubborn, smart and lovable Norwegian Elkhounds can be.  We didn't think these amazing dogs would end up homeless or in shelters.  How little did we know.

We started Four Paws Elkhound Rescue because of Aspen.  Because Norwegian Elkhounds like to play bite and are assertive, they are labeled aggressive.  Our cousin told us about Aspen.  He was a Norwegian Elkhound in a rescue for most of his life.  He was into his ninth month of captivity.  He was labeled aggressive.  
We had our first Norwegian Elkhound fundraiser, Bark in the Park. We raised enough money to pay for Aspen's adoption fees and to find him a wonderful home.  
On our page Our Rescues we have more amazing Norwegian Elkhound rescue stories.  Some start out very sad, Ginger's story, and have a great ending.  Other's like Diesel don't end like we had hoped.  
We search every day thru social media, rescue groups, and word of mouth for endangered Norwegian Elkhounds.  If you know of any that need help, please contact us.  

Our goal is to build a Norwegian Elkhound rescue for endangered elkhounds.  This way they can be safe until they find a forever home.   We want a refuge for Norwegian Elkhounds that are older.  They can live out their lives in peace and comfort not worrying about their next meal.  

Help us continue Saving elkhounds, FOUR PAWS at a time."