Freddie needs a home!

He is a 2 year old purebred Norwegian Elkhound.  His owner keeps him outside.  She doesn’t have the time to work with him on house training and manners.  When she goes to work, she leaves him outisde.  The neighbors have opened the gate and let him out several times.  When she brings him inside, he is locked in his cage.  

He lives with Ivy another purebred Norwegian Elkhound.  The owner prefers they be kept together if the right home is found.  Both Norwegian Elkhounds are fixed.   Freddy’s owner wants him gone fast.  

Freddie needs a home with:

Exercise:   A place to play and run
Housetraining:   Patience with housetraining
Others:  Unknown with cats, kids and other dogs
Time:  Some to help him adjust to his new home
Experience:   Norwegian Elkhound experience 
Vet:   Needs up to date on shots,
           Health certificate if going out of state
Adoption Fee:  $200 

Adoption requirements:  Fill out our adoption application.  Contact us when you are ready to adopt.

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