Danny needs a home!

Danny is a German Shepherd mix.  He was brought to the shelter by his owner.  Danny had a medical problem.  Guess what it was?  A broken canine tooth!  His owner didn’t want to get it fixed and Danny was in pain so he dropped him off so he didn’t have to deal with him.    

Danny had a death sentence.   This shelter puts dogs with medical problems automatically on the euthanization list.   We found Danny and were able to save him.  

Danny has since had surgery to remove his canine.  He’s feeling much better.   Danny is a very sweet boy.   He gets along with other dogs.   Danny is healthy, up to date on shots, and neutered.   Danny is traveling from Texas to Pittsburgh PA next week.   He needs a commitment before she gets here.  

If you are able to meet the transport even if you aren’t from the Pittsburgh area, you are eligible to adopt.   To be considered fill out the adoption application and send an email with the subject “Danny”.

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