We are a foster network.  We work with dogs surrendered by their owners, dogs in shelters and other rescues, dogs listed on craigslist and other websites.  They are from all over the country.  Norwegian Elkhounds are very unique in their mannerisms, intellect, and skills.  It takes a special family to appreciate a Norwegian Elkhound.  

To the right is our list of current Rescue Norwegian Elkhounds/mixes that need homes.    Many of these dogs have come from situations where they were abused and neglected.  Patience and love is essential to being successful with your new family member..  We will help you with the transition from rescue dog to family member.   In most instances tansportation help is available.  Click on each picture to learn more.


KEEGANKEEGANKeegan is a fun, energetic boy who loves to play. Click to learn more.
KODAKODAKoda has travelled the country from the West Coast to the Mountains down to Deep South and finally to the East Coast. Click to find this traveler's story.
ELKIEELKIEElkiie went from a stray to a fashion show model. Learn her story by clicking below.
MAXMAXMax is in a shelter that is full! Help Max. Click to learn how.