Buttercup is a 12 year old who was in a Georgia kill shelter..  Her family brought her to the shelter because she was old.  We were told she had arthritis.   She became ill and had a lot of medical treatment.  She has been thru a lot.  Somehow she survived.  

The rehoming group we work with found her information.  She was only able to be saved by another rescue.  We worked with the shelter's rescue coordinator.  We found a rescue in Georgia that was able to get her out of the kill shelter.  She made the long journey to PA. 

When she got here, the first night in her foster home she was growling and possessive of her food.  No wonder, she was starving.  You could see all of her bones.  And she is also totally deaf.  No wonder she was so scared.  

With patience and time Buttercup has made many improvements.  She can now go on mile long walks twice a day.  She goes up and down small sets of steps with no problem.  She understands hand signals and is easy to communicate with.  She rarely barks.  She is house trained.  

She needs a loving home where she can live out her life in comfort and security.  When she wants to go outside, she likes to have her leash on.  She is a good dog and doesn't chew on stuff or bother anything.  Her favorite place is laying on a comfy dog bed.  She loves being petted and wags her tail.  And she loves snacks.  She has lots of life in her.  

Update:   Buttercup found her forever home!  She was the only dog.  She went on hikes with her family and ate lots of snacks.   Buttercup got to spend the remainder of her time comfy and happy with a family.  Sadly Buttercup passed away.  She will be missed.