Aspen's Story

Thru a family member and volunteer at the shelter, we found Aspen.  Aspen was in the Fayette Friends of Animals rescue for just under a year.  They did the best they could for him giving him a safe place to live, food and exercise.  

Aspen was labeled aggressive.  Elkhounds are aggressive the way they play, using their teeth to express themselves.  When an elkhound wants your attention, they are going to get it one way or another.  They are very sure of themselves, and know what they want.

When we met Aspen, we knew we could help him.  He was sweet and spunky.  He was about 1 1/2 years old.  He had been in the shelter most of his life.  

Fayette Friends of Animals worked hard with Aspen.  They trained him in better behaviors, taught him to be a better dog and spent time with him to help understand where he was gong.  

We decided to do an elkhound walk to raise money.  We called it Bark in the Park.  Fayette Friends of Animals brought Aspen and we had 12 elkhounds come to the park.  We all got to meet Aspen and see what a wonderful dog has is.  Thru the generosity of our elkhound lovers, we raised enough money to pay for Aspen's adoption fees.  He was free.  We found a family that had experience with rescue elkhounds.  The family adopted Aspen thru Fayette Friends of Animals.  

When he first arrived at his new home, he was a a bit afraid. This was his first house in a long time.  Basement steps terrified him.  Gradually with lots of patience from his new owner, he started going up and down the steps.  This led him to more freedom to go to his yard full of leaves and his new playmate.  

Aspen, now Max, runs and plays in the leaves.  He chases his new friend and they take naps together.  He found an awesome home thru the support of many people that believed in him.